From One Mother to Another
Why I Bought Life Insurance

Being a mother is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs on the planet. It requires patience, agility, a gentle toughness, and a very adaptable sense of humor. There are no sick days or days off, and moments of solitude are as rare as an uninterrupted shower.

A mother’s list of job requirements is long and constantly evolving, and worrying about the wellbeing of my family often tops mine. I worry whether they are sleeping enough, if a cough is something more serious, and if their sugar consumption will turn them into Willy Wonka. Do they exercise enough, do they have friends, are they the right friends, and is the iPad going to melt their brain? I also think about their future and what if something happened to me, would they be ok?

Worry comes with the territory and it’s instinctual to want to protect your offspring with everything you’ve got. We recognize how fragile life is, how unpredictable the road ahead can be, and that we cannot put ourselves or our family in a defensive bubble.

I wanted to find a way to ease my mind and somehow protect my family if faced with the unthinkable. I heard life insurance could provide an answer.

I can’t imagine my family without my husband. He is my rock, my sounding board, and my confidant in a sometimes overwhelming world. My husband says he couldn’t do it without me either. Both kids come to me for comfort or to mend a scraped knee, and I curl up with my son every night to read a tall stack of books. Along with the emotional support we provide, we think of the financial contribution as well. It would be next to impossible to support our kids, pay the mortgage, and cover all other day to day expenses on one paycheck. The thought is scary and it was definitely toward the top of my worry list.

We all have our “To-Do” lists as well. One of the biggest items on that list that we discussed in between diaper changes and bedtime stories was buying life insurance. We kept bringing up the topic because we knew how important it was and how we needed some sort of strategy that would protect our family.

We shared the desire for our kids to still be able to experience the joys of childhood, attend soccer camp, or take that trip to Disney World, even if one of us was gone.

On an unusually productive morning, I made the call to my financial professional and discussed goals, concerns, and budget. I have life insurance through my place of work, but I knew it wasn’t enough.

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I wanted to feel assured that if something happened to me, my family wouldn’t be left scrambling, all our hard earned savings depleted, or we would have to move out of our home we’ve worked so hard to make our own.

After a couple conversations, we chose life insurance policies for both me and my husband that would provide a significant death benefit.

I was surprised how affordable policies were, and how the whole process was relatively easy from start to finish. In less than two weeks, both of us had life insurance protection in place, and just like that, my worry list felt a little lighter, and my mind was a little more at ease. Not to mention how incredibly invigorating it feels to check something off the to-do list!

You truly cannot put a price on peace of mind. Mothers are going to worry, it’s in our DNA, but those things you can help change, those concerns you can alleviate, finding a solution is invaluable.

While I know I will continue to wake in the middle of the night occasionally, and the news ticker of questions and responsibilities will run through my mind, I won’t feel as anxious about the future of my family. I know they’ll be able to stay afloat, that my children will be able to flourish, and that despite a worst-case scenario, there will still be pillow fights, Sunday picnics, and day trips to the lake. And that, from one mother to another, is worth every penny.

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