Mortgage Insurance – Do You Need It?

Why take the risk of not having mortgage insurance when there are policies out there that provide for a return of the premiums you’ve paid into the policy if you haven’t used it at the end of the policy term. Watch the quick 2-minute video below to learn more.

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If you purchase a new home, or are refinancing a home, you probably have received a lot of solicitations for mortgage protection insurance. Mortgage insurance is usually set up by purchasing a life insurance policy with a death benefit that is equal to the amount of your mortgage.

Having enough life insurance in place to cover a mortgage can provide you peace of mind. If you purchase a mortgage insurance policy that offers return of premiums, the cash you receive can be used for funding a child’s education, retirement planning, reducing the amount you owe on your mortgage, or anything you choose.

The purchase of a new home is also a good time to review your existing life insurance coverage. Use our life insurance calculator to find the right amount of insurance for you.

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