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Life Insurance

How much life insurance do you really need? The answer – and how affordable it is – may surpise you!

When many of us think of life insurance, we think of a death benefit to help with final expenses and replace lost income. While this is true, many life insurance policies provide impressive living benefits as well. Take a few minutes and learn 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Life Insurance.

Use our life insurance calculator to determain the right amount of life insurance for you and your family.

An Alternative to 529 Plans!

College Funding

Cash value life insurance can be a very useful college saving strategy.

The policy cash value of an indexed universal life (IUL) policy accumulates on a tax-deferred basis and, if managed properly via withdrawals and/or loans, can be withdrawn on a 100% tax-free basis. This money can help assist with college expenses, or if you children decide not to go to college you can withdraw money for a down payment on a house, fund a new business, or provide for retirement, with no penalties or restrictions on the uses for that cash value.

Get Taxed Deferred Growth and Compound Interest!


What is an annuity?

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. They are long-term retirement savings and income vehicle that can help protect you from outliving your assets. When you allocate a portion of your retirement assets in a fixed index annuity (FIA), you can create your own personal “pension plan” that generates guaranteed income for as long as you live if you choose.

It's Never Too Late to Start Planning!

Retirement Planning

What age should I retire?

Life is full of important milestones – getting your driver’s license, going to college, finding a job, getting married, buying a house, and having children. Retirement is another significant chapter that marks the start of a new and important part of your life. To make the transition as smooth as possible, it is essential to have a plan in place that will help you live the life you envisioned post-employment. Annuities and life insurance should be a part of that plan.

Protect Your Hard Work!

Business Insurance

There’re many ways to protect a business from unnecessary risks!

You’ve worked hard to build your business and should make sure the time, blood, sweat, and tears you’ve invested are protected if something should happen to you, a partner, or key employee. Life insurance and disability insurance can meet the protection needs for many aspects of a business. These insurance policies can provide insurance coverage for key-man coverage, buy-sell agreements, group disability, short-term disability, long-term disability, business disability, business overhead expense (BOE), and much more.

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Attention Insurance Carriers and Insurance Marketing Organizations!

You need creative, experienced insurance marketing people to help you grow. Our experience is unique, and our expertise is deep. We are experts in the life insurance and annuity marketplace. We are: planners, sales-drivers, insurance industry experts, deep thinkers, trainers, strategists, technophiles, ROI analysts, designers, social media mavens and mavericks and insurance marketing gurus. What does this mean for you? It means that Insurance Insight Group can help you improve your recruiting, training, sales and marketing strategies.


From beginning to end, working with Mark Stone on our term life insurance plan was a great experience. He assessed our needs, then helped weigh our options and guided us seamlessly through the application process. The process was quick and efficient, and I would highly recommend Mark for any and all insurance needs.

The Lee Family

Mark Lee


Mark Stone did a great job with our life insurance. He presented me with multiple options so that I was fully informed prior to selecting a product so I can rest easily knowing that we have family protection, money set aside to pay for our daughter’s college education, and savings for retirement. He worked diligently with my wife and I to ensure our purchase was as stress free as possible.

Raphael Ye


In the last couple of months, I knew I had too much cash making no financial progress in simple bank savings accounts. I asked Mark if he could help me see though the confusing marketplace and come up with some plans for responsible growth. In very short order, he helped me find and understand two different annuities that would protect me from market downturns but still present reasonable opportunities for modest growth.

Don Porter

Retired College Administrator

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