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Our consulting division leverages our years of experience working with insurance carriers and insurance marketing organizations. Learn more about how we can help your organization.

Insurance Insight Group’s (IIG) insurance marketing consulting team that offers life insurance and annuity marketing services to carriers, insurance marketing organizations (IMOs), banks, and broker-dealers. The team at IIG has been in your shoes and has a successful track record with some of the nation’s leading insurance carriers and insurance marketing organizations.

Insurance Insight Group helps you communicate your value proposition, so your clients and prospective customers understand why you’re the right place for them to do business. We try to help our clients avoid the deluge of “me too” offers and advertising.

We work best with companies that know they have a lot to offer but just need some extra help honing their value proposition, creating messages and reaching their target market. We can also help you develop products, programs, and systems to further distinguish you from the crowd.

“What sets Insurance Insight Group apart is that they have been successful on both sides of the insurance industry. They have held key management positions in successful and rapidly growing insurance carriers, and they have built successful marketing organizations working with agents on a daily basis. So, they intimately understand the wants and needs of both groups.” – National Marketing Organization

“Insurance Insight Group helped us to dramatically improve our marketing. They started by revamping all our product brochures and videos, and we were thrilled with the results. Their sensitivity to our needs as a carrier as well as their ability to understand what the agents want was uncanny. Plus, they are able to create materials much faster and cheaper than we could internally. As a result, we use them to create all our marketing campaigns and messages, and they do the whole process from conception to implementation.” – International Financial Services Organization

For many companies, having an internal marketing staff allows them to keep their marketing communications running smoothly. Insurance Insight Group specializes in helping you dramatically improve your marketing by providing the fresh insight and extensive industry experience necessary to move your marketing to a new level.

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