Marketing Strategy

Strategies that drive more profitable responses

We create custom insurance marketing campaigns that result in powerful responses. Insurance Insight Group (IIG) has demonstrated success for those looking to recruit more agents, develop new sales tools and increase production.

You cannot afford to waste money on “one-off” marketing programs that may generate producer response but lack the ability to convert. We help insurance Marketing Organizations (IMOs), insurance carriers and others achieve qualified results that ultimately convert leads into contracts.

Our solutions are delivered by highly experienced insurance marketing experts who have directly recruited agents in the past, or have built their own successful IMO or insurance carrier. Services include:

  • Custom-built marketing campaigns that follow a five-step, proven formula for contracting more agents
  • Public relations and media strategies that include storytelling approaches to effectively capture the imagination of your targets
  • Marketing tools and resources to educate your agents in a non-sales-focused approach. We build everything from A to Z and have historically witnessed a double digit performance metrics from our clients’ former methods
  • Email marketing capabilities to our proprietary databases of agents, insurance marketing organizations and insurance carriers
  • Website development, microsites and compelling landing pages to help you track results
  • Fully integrated sales systems that compel agents to contract with you upon seeing the exclusive value in what you have to offer

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