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Our Founder, Mark Stone’s True Life Story
Real Life… and the Importance of Insurance

I’ve worked in the life insurance and annuity industry for over 29 years now. I have the great fortune of working in what I believe is a very noble profession. The best part about what I do is provide people with safety, security, and peace of mind.

I got to understand the importance of this first hand right after Thanksgiving, 2011 when I had to go the local Emergency Room in the middle of the night. That day was a normal day of just enjoying time with my boys and my wife.

Suddenly that night, I had the diagnosis of a tumor on my kidney and then found out I had kidney cancer. That short drive home from the hospital was one of the longest of my life with so many things flashing through my mind.

I left that ER with the thought that I was dying. As you can imagine it was a terrible ride home, but the one thing that REALLY gave me peace of mind was that I realized my family would be fine financially.

I’ve always been obsessive about having enough life insurance in place since I was orphaned at 14 and have been on my own ever since. I also have annuities and other money I had put away for retirement.

So as dire as things seemed on that ride home that early morning, I at least had that knowledge to balance me and give me peace of mind in that my family would be taken care for the long term. My kids would be able to continue in the activities that they enjoy…they’re amazing skiers and great at lacrosse…they would be able to get a great college education. My wife wouldn’t have to worry financially.

It made a world of difference in my thought process at the time and gave me the peace of mind to focus on things I needed to focus on.

Since then my prognosis has been good and each day is a blessing. My surgeries, radiation treatments, and other treatments all went well. But the thing now is that I’m completely uninsurable. Sure, I can put more money away, but knowing I had all those plans in place, ahead of time, made a world of difference…and made a tough situation a little less difficult knowing I had the important things in my life taken care of… my family and my children.

Sadly though, I know the truth is that people don’t like to think about the unimaginable happening. Unfortunately, people don’t think about it until it’s too late. Once, you’re faced with something that greatly alters your health it become difficult or impossible to get insurance. Of course, if you lose your health, you can’t go back in time and make plans to provide for your family. There is no time like NOW, you’re not going to be any younger, and you’re probably not going to be any healthier than you are right now.

So, I at least hope that my story might prompt a few more people to act and realize that the unimaginable can happen to any of us at any moment. I’m so glad I acted in advance and made arrangements that gave me financial peace of mind at a critical time. I also feel rewarded knowing that I work in an important profession that allows us to help provide people with this special peace of mind.

This is why I call myself an insurance evangelist. It’s my mission to make sure every person I encounter has the knowledge that they can put affordable insurance in place that will provide them with clarity, protection, and a bright future.

Have urgency in everything you do.

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